OSG Digital Solutions

OSG eInvoiceSM

OSG eInvoice improves payment turnaround time, reduces expenses, boosts customer retention, reinforces your brand and helps you promote new products and services.

For today’s on-the-go, tech-savvy customers, EIPP (electronic invoice presentment and payment) is a natural feature to offer your customers as an easy solution for viewing and paying their invoices online. OSG eInvoice provides automated self-service capabilities and the ability to have instant answers to your customer’s billing questions. OSG eInvoice includes web-based screens that allow your customers and CSRs to view PDF images of all invoices and see payment history. OSG eInvoice also simplifies the payment process. Users may pay their invoices via credit card or ACH, one at a time, or all at once; set up recurring payments (AutoPay); set up scheduled payments; receive email notification when invoices are ready to view, when invoices are ready to be paid and when invoices have been paid. Your Customer Service Reps may make one-time payments for registered, or non-registered users.