OSG Self Service


Understanding your customers’ invoice and statement concerns and providing quick and accurate answers to their inquiries is critical to your company or financial institution’s success.

CSR eView is a web-based application that takes customer service to the next level. Offering extensive search capabilities, it lets business leaders and Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) navigate quickly and easily to the invoice or statement in question to provide real-time feedback and inquiry. Using a shadow mode, the CSR can view exactly what the customer is seeing and advise them on any issues they may be having. Your customers will gain more insight into their invoices and your CSRs will appreciate the enhanced ability to offer exceptional service.

For added security and convenience, OSG archives PDF images of invoice or statements for CSR eView users on-site. We also maintain an activity log that includes the date, time and description of the activity performed as well as the assisting CSR’s user id for tracking purposes.


  • Search, retrieve and deliver documents on demand, in real time and at high resolution
  • CSRs can log in and see exactly what customers are seeing to better answer customer questions
  • Empowers your CSRs to deliver first-rate customer service while reducing your CSRs’ phone time