Markets Served


Poor billing practices account for an estimated $125 billion being left on the table by the U.S. healthcare market each year.

Thanks in part to the Affordable Healthcare Act, the healthcare industry now has to worry about unique rules along with new and changing coding standards. With the burden of knowledge being so heavy, doctors, hospitals and healthcare facilities are losing money due to poor billing, untimely turnaround on statements, lack of payments and underpayments.

When you partner with OSG, you have access to OSG's eBill solutions which provide comprehensive and secure online billing and payment management. These solutions will yield faster collection of patient-owed amounts, improve cash flow and reduce billing.

In addition, OSG recognizes that every opportunity to communicate with your customer is a chance to deepen loyalty and enhance the relationship and we'll work with you to develop the right targeted messages to your customers.

Areas Served

  • Medical Centers
  • Labs
  • Hospitals
  • Insurance Claims
  • Collections
  • Medical Supplies

Solutions Offered

  • Patient Communications via Mail, Web and Mobile Devices
  • Collection Letters
  • Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment
  • One-Time Payments
  • Marketing