OSG Print & Mail

OSG Composition and Design

As your experts in design and composition, OSG can help you create an invoice or statement package that is strategically designed to increase revenue, improve communication and strengthen the customer relationship.

The competitive nature of today’s business environment makes it more critical than ever that each piece of communication is timely, relevant and engaging. At OSG we understand that a well-designed bill or statement is the key to building customer loyalty and improving comprehension while encouraging prompt payment.

Our team combines their knowledge of invoice composition with their understanding of the importance of color and placement of key components with their expertise in the design and marketing of critical customer communications to develop invoices that will raise brand awareness and help your company get paid in a timely manner. Using fresh ideas and the latest technology we develop customer communications that meet your unique needs.

OSG offers all of our customers an integrated customer communications management platform. Whether your preferred method of communication is print, electronic or both, OSG has an option for you.

Did you know the number one reason for late payments is because customers don’t understand their bill? Using OSG’s creative solutions the due date and total amount due as well as the summary of charges section on your invoices will be easy to locate, easy to read and easy to understand. When this critical information is user friendly your customers can answer their own questions and avoid calling your customer service center for help.

Looking for a new way to send critical communications to your customers? OSG has an array of communications tools for you to choose from including letters, email marketing messages, inserts and postcards. The OSG team can work with you to determine what the most effective tool is.

We are also very familiar with postal regulations, mail delivery schedules and cost savings options. Our team can review your current invoices and statements and offer suggestions for reorganizing content and reducing the number of pages, thus saving you postage and making sure that your mailings are delivered as quickly as possible.