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Every company has the fundamental need to communicate with their customers.

Given the explosive growth of the digital world and the demand for 24/7/365 instant gratification, the acquisition, conversion and retention stakes have never been higher.

OSG offers a simpler and more efficient way for our clients to send bills, get paid and communicate with their customers. Providing greater speed and efficiency than they could accomplish on their own, we help elevate every relationship and allow our clients to remain focused on the core drivers of their business.

We’re leading the way with billions of customer connections every month.

Customers demand seamless, relevant, personalized and positive outcomes from every interaction and touchpoint. We leverage our consumer-centric talent and technology to connect transactions (billing and payment) with communications (engagement, conversion, upsell, retention) to strengthen the customer relationship. We orchestrate touchpoints across all channels—websites, email, phone and print—while keeping data compliance and privacy requirements top of mind.

The result? Engaging customer experiences that make an impact. That jumpstart operations, curtail your costs, improve revenue collection, increase retention, limit complexity and transform customer relationships.